Invest in Saskatchewan

Investors in our province enjoy a stable business environment, competitive incentives and personalized support that make doing business easy.

Saskatchewan is a powerhouse in agriculture, potash, uranium, oil and gas and forestry production. We are the world’s largest producer of potash and top exporter of pulse crops. We have the highest-grade uranium deposits in the world and the largest carbon capture, utilization and storage project. We’re home to North America’s first minerals-to-metals rare earth processing facility, and cutting edge research and development centres.

If you want the best, you want Saskatchewan.


Our central location in the middle of North America provides easy access to every corner of the continent.

Taxes and Incentives

Thanks to Saskatchewan’s low taxes and utility rates, and attractive business incentives, our province is considered one of the best jurisdictions in North America to invest and do business.

Capital Investment

We’ve earned the confidence of investors. Since 2010, international companies like BHP, K+S, Orano, Cargill, and Louis Dreyfus have spent more than $170 billion investing in or opening operations in Saskatchewan.


Our truck, rail and airport transportation networks are safe and dependable. Your products are shipped reliably and efficiently.

Investor Benefits and Support

We’re world leaders in agriculture, mining and energy innovation. We’re also committed to nurturing sustainable growth for businesses big and small.

Competitive Incentives & Taxes

Keep more for investment and growth with our competitive business incentives and tax credits.
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Globally Connected Infrastructure

We export 65 per cent of what we produce. That means we must be well connected provincially, nationally and internationally to markets, people, technology and services. We offer a safe and reliable supply chain that businesses can depend on.
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Growth & Sustainability

Saskatchewan is home to some of the highest quality and most sustainably produced food, fuel and fertilizer that a growing world needs. We have a plan in place so that your business can succeed now and into the future.
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High Quality of Living

Discover dynamic cities, rich culture, affordable living, top-tier healthcare, and education in Saskatchewan. Embrace recreation amidst stunning lakes, parks, and lush countryside. Experience the best of Saskatchewan!
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Skilled Diverse Workforce

Our workforce is among Canada’s most educated and productive. Paired with our renowned work ethic, we boast capable individuals who eagerly embrace growth opportunities. Proudly pioneering multicultural legislation, our provincial motto ‘From Many Peoples Strength’ embodies our inclusive spirit.
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Trade Agreements

Our high-quality products are in-demand across the world. We’re committed to providing ease of access to local and international markets.
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World Class Research & Development

Saskatchewan is the go-to hub for cutting-edge research, housing leading facilities, renowned institutes, and Canada’s sole synchrotron. We excel in biotechnology, agtech, animal health, vaccines, food innovation, and rare earth mineral processing.
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Key Economic Sectors

From food, energy and mineral production to satellite communications, manufacturing and rare earth elements processing, our economy is diverse and ripe with opportunity.